The Hawa Music story begins in Aley, Lebanon in 1948 when Cesar Hawa opens his first store for radios and electronic equipment.

In 1950, with business booming in Latakiah, Syria, Cesar Hawa decides to move his business there and open an electronic store for Sony and Philips products. Cesar’s first involvement in musical instruments came during this time, when he introduced Hohner products to the Syrian market.

With the political situation deteriorating in 1963, he decides to return from Syria to his homeland, Lebanon, and inaugurates his new store in Hamra, one of the busiest regions in Beirut, where he became one of the major sub-agents in Lebanon for Sony products.

During this period his involvement and interest in the musical instruments industry grows even further.

In 1973, Cesar Hawa becomes one of the first people in Lebanon to import musical instruments directly from Italy, the USA, Czechoslovakia, Japan and other countries, further establishing himself as one of the top providers of musical equipment in Lebanon.

He opens a new branch in Adonis in 1982, with the two-storey branch becoming the flagship store of the Cesar Hawa Music Store brand.

In 1986, with the war raging in Beirut, Cesar finds himself obliged to close the Hamra branch and concentrate the music business in the Adonis branch. Undeterred by the circumstances, he opens a new branch in Jdeideh next to the Almaza factory.

After being integrated into the music business, Cesar’s sons Salim and Nicolas show more interest in the business and the store is rebranded to Cesar Hawa and Sons.

With the conflict expanding to Beirut’s surroundings, the Jdeideh branch is forcibly closed in 1988.

 In 1997, after a lengthy absence from the Beirut area, Cesar Hawa and Sons returns to the capital with a new store in Mkalles.

 With the family growing in numbers, the Cesar Hawa and Sons business is split between Cesar’s sons in 2008. Thus, the Hawa Music brand sees the light, building on a history defined by perseverance and a strong will to succeed. Strategically located in Mkalles, the Hawa Music store continues to cater for the music professionals and enthusiasts with its large portfolio of instruments and services.