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Al Farabi Mod. 151 Great Quality Oud for Beginners


Al Farabi Mod. 151 represents the pinnacle of oud craftsmanship and quality. It is designed for discerning players who demand the highest level of excellence. With its impeccable construction, rich tonal qualities, and unmatched playability, the Mod. 151 is the ideal choice for those who are committed to achieving the highest levels of musical artistry with this traditional instrument. When you choose the Mod. 151, you not only embrace the beauty of the oud but also unlock the potential to create mesmerizing and emotionally resonant music. Al Farabi’s dedication to quality and craftsmanship is exemplified in every aspect of this extraordinary oud.

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Introducing the Al Farabi Mod. 151, an exquisite oud that exemplifies the highest level of craftsmanship for discerning players seeking superior musical expression.

Exquisite Craftsmanship and Design: The Mod. 151 is a masterpiece of oud design and craftsmanship. Its design epitomizes timeless elegance, showcasing the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. The soundboard is meticulously crafted from aged spruce wood, chosen for its unparalleled ability to produce resonant and expressive tones. This carefully selected wood ensures that players can convey their musical emotions with unparalleled clarity and depth.

The body of the oud is constructed from premium walnut wood, enhancing not only the instrument’s durability but also contributing to its rich, warm, and balanced sound profile. The Mod. 151 exemplifies superior craftsmanship with its attention to detail, making it an instrument that seamlessly marries aesthetics and functionality.

Exquisite Tonality: One of the standout features of the Al Farabi Mod. 151 is its exceptional tonal quality. The combination of the spruce soundboard and walnut body yields a tonal palette that captures the essence of traditional Middle Eastern music with unmatched precision. Whether you’re performing classical compositions or pushing the boundaries of contemporary music, this oud offers an unparalleled dynamic range of tones, from crystalline brilliance to profound and soul-stirring depths.

Unparalleled Playability: The Mod. 151 is designed to offer a truly sublime playing experience. The fingerboard is thoughtfully designed to allow for effortless and precise fingering. Whether you are a seasoned player or a beginner seeking to explore the depths of oud music, you will appreciate the Mod. 151’s comfortable string action and user-friendly design, which foster both skill development and profound musical expression.

Comprehensive Accessories: To enhance your playing experience further, the Al Farabi Mod. 151 comes complete with a set of essential accessories. These include a deluxe padded gig bag for secure storage and effortless transportation, a high-quality tuning key for quick and precise adjustments, and a set of spare oud strings. These accessories ensure that you have all the tools necessary to embark on your oud-playing journey with confidence.

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 90 × 40 × 30 cm



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