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Baglama Electro-Acoustic Made In Turkey – Brown Color


  • Electro-Acoustic Baglama, made in Turkey, in an elegant brown color.
  • Traditional craftsmanship combined with modern electro-acoustic capabilities.
  • Classic design and construction for an authentic playing experience.
  • Built-in pickups and preamp for easy connection to an amplifier or sound system.
  • Amplified performances and recordings with clarity and impact.
  • Meticulously crafted with quality materials for a resonant and balanced sound.
  • Sophisticated brown color finish enhances the instrument’s visual appeal.
  • Suitable for seasoned Baglama players and musicians exploring Turkish music.
  • Experience the true Turkish sound with the Electro-Acoustic Baglama in brown color.

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Introducing the Electro-Acoustic Baglama, proudly made in Turkey, in a rich and elegant brown color. This instrument combines the beauty of traditional craftsmanship with modern electro-acoustic capabilities, offering a versatile and high-quality playing experience.

The Electro-Acoustic Baglama features a classic design and construction, capturing the authentic essence of this Turkish instrument. The body is meticulously crafted using quality materials to ensure a resonant and balanced sound, true to the Baglama’s traditional heritage.

What sets this Baglama apart is its built-in pickups and preamp, allowing you to easily connect the instrument to an amplifier or sound system. This enables amplified performances and recordings, expanding the reach and versatility of your music. Whether you’re performing on stage or recording in a studio, this feature ensures your music is heard with clarity and impact.

The brown color finish adds a touch of sophistication to the instrument, complementing its natural wood grain and enhancing its visual appeal. It not only looks stunning but also reflects the warmth and richness of the Baglama’s sound.

Whether you’re a seasoned Baglama player or a musician exploring Turkish music, the Electro-Acoustic Baglama in brown color is a reliable and professional instrument that meets your musical needs. Its combination of traditional craftsmanship, electro-acoustic capabilities, and elegant brown color makes it a standout choice for musicians seeking a true Turkish sound.


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