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Bouzouki Aawad Sama Made In Syria


  • Body and Construction: The bouzouki has a round or pear-shaped body with a flat or slightly convex back. The top (soundboard) is usually made of spruce or cedar, while the back and sides are often made of maple or mahogany. The instrument is traditionally handcrafted, with careful attention to the quality of materials and craftsmanship.
  • Strings: The bouzouki typically has three or four pairs of metal strings, known as courses. The strings are usually tuned in fourths, with the lower pairs tuned in octaves. The strings can be plucked with a plectrum (pick) or played with the fingers.
  • Sound and Range: The bouzouki has a bright, resonant sound with a wide range. It can produce melodic lines, chords, and rhythmic accompaniment. The specific tone and timbre can vary based on the materials used and the playing technique of the musician.
  • Musical Context: The bouzouki is commonly used in Greek folk music, rebetiko (a style of urban Greek music), and contemporary Greek music. It is often featured in ensembles and accompanies vocals, other string instruments like the baglama or guitar, and percussive instruments.

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The bouzouki is a musical instrument commonly associated with Greek folk music, but it is also found in other Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions. However, it is not typically associated with Syrian musical traditions. There might be regional variations or adaptations of the instrument in different countries, including Syria.

While there is limited information available specifically about the “Bouzouki Aawad Sama” made in Syria, it is likely a variant of the traditional Greek bouzouki with regional influences. It is important to note that the construction, design, and sound of bouzoukis can vary depending on the maker and the materials used.

While the bouzouki is not traditionally associated with Syrian musical traditions, it is possible that variations of the instrument have been developed in Syria to suit local musical styles and preferences. The “Bouzouki Aawad Sama” could be a specific model or variant made by a Syrian maker, reflecting regional adaptations or influences.

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