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Casio Celviano AP-470BK Digital Piano Black Color

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  • The Casio Celviano AP-470 is a digital piano that comes in a black finish.
  • It features a hammer-action keyboard with 88 keys and a maximum polyphony of 256 notes for realistic piano sound and feel.
  • The piano has 22 built-in tones with various digital effects, including reverb, chorus, and brilliance.
  • It also has a 2-track recorder, USB connectivity for MIDI and audio recording, and a headphone jack for private practice.
  • The piano comes with a 3-pedal system and a sliding key cover for added functionality and protection.
  • Its dimensions are 1417 x 432 x 911 mm, and it weighs 54.2 kg.

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Introducing the Casio Celviano AP-470, an exquisite digital piano adorned in a beautiful brown finish. Crafted to perfection, it boasts a Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action keyboard encompassing 88 keys, ensuring an incredibly authentic piano experience. With an impressive 256-note polyphony, this instrument produces rich and lifelike piano sounds.

Equipped with 22 built-in tones, including a variety of grand piano sounds, the AP-470 offers a versatile range of musical expression. Enhance your performance with digital effects like reverb, chorus, and brilliance, adding depth and character to your playing. The piano also features a convenient built-in recorder, enabling you to capture and refine your compositions.

Connectivity is a breeze as the AP-470 can be effortlessly linked to your computer or mobile device via USB for MIDI and audio recording. To ensure privacy during practice sessions, simply plug in your headphones to the dedicated jack. Furthermore, the piano is equipped with a sliding key cover, a 3-pedal system, and possesses dimensions of 1417 x 432 x 821 mm, with a weight of 40.5 kg.

The Casio Celviano AP-470 merges outstanding craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and elegant design to deliver an exceptional musical experience for pianists of all levels.


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