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Casio CT-S410 Keyboard Arranger 61 Keys Touch Response + Original Adaptor

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  • 61 keys, touch response
  • Ideal beginner keyboard with around 1.5 years before upgrading to a digital piano.
  • The AiX Sound Source offers high-quality sound and rich expressiveness.
  • Immerse yourself in vivid and clear piano tones with Casio’s innovative acoustic system.
  • Despite its compact design, the AiX Sound Source provides lush timbre and realistic sound.
  • Horizontal Bass Reflex technology boosts the lows and custom speakers provide powerful sound.
  • Choose from 600 built-in tones and 200 rhythms with Auto Accompaniment for versatile musical options.
  • Compact, powerful, and versatile, the AiX Sound Source is perfect for both seasoned musicians and beginners.

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The AiX Sound Source promises an unparalleled musical experience with its high-quality tones and rich expressiveness. You can connect deeply with the true essence of sound and enjoy vivid and clear piano tones like never before. The new and unique acoustic system from Casio ensures that you experience a fresh, powerful sound that will enhance your creativity.

Who would have thought that such a compact design could produce this level of luscious timbre and true-to-life sound? You can now experience music in your way in the comfort of your room. The Horizontal Bass Reflex technology boosts the lows and, together with custom speakers, brings powerful and vivid sounds to life.

The AiX Sound Source also offers a rich collection of 600 built-in tones to choose from, providing you with ample options to find your perfect sound. Furthermore, it comes with 200 built-in rhythms, along with an Auto Accompaniment feature, making it easy to create music without the need for a separate accompaniment.

In conclusion, the AiX Sound Source is a compact, powerful, and versatile musical instrument that delivers high-quality sound, rich expressiveness, and endless musical possibilities. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or just starting out, this instrument is sure to elevate your musical journey.

Additional information

Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 100 × 35 × 35 cm





5 Octaves (61 Keys)


Touch Response


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