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Chadi Al Alhan – Arabic Music Book – Various Songs Volume 2


“Chadi Al Alhan” by Foad Awad is a captivating Arabic Music Book featuring a diverse selection of compositions from various composers. Suitable for Oud players and musicians of other instruments, it offers a rich repertoire spanning classical, folk, and contemporary styles. With meticulous transcriptions and emotive harmonies, this book serves as a valuable resource for musicians of all levels, inviting them on a journey through the enchanting world of Arabic music.

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Introducing “Chadi Al Alhan” by Foad Awad, an enchanting Arabic Music Book that celebrates the rich tapestry of Middle Eastern melodies. Dive into a diverse repertoire of songs composed by various maestros, meticulously curated to inspire musicians and enthusiasts alike.

With “Chadi Al Alhan,” embark on a musical journey through the vibrant sounds of Arabic music, spanning classical, folk, and contemporary compositions. Whether you’re a seasoned Oud player or proficient in other musical instruments, this book offers a wealth of captivating melodies to explore and master.

Immerse yourself in the intricate arrangements and emotive harmonies meticulously transcribed within the pages of “Chadi Al Alhan.” Each composition showcases the unique style and artistic vision of its composer, inviting you to delve deeper into the cultural heritage of Arabic music.

Perfect for musicians of all levels, “Chadi Al Alhan” serves as a valuable resource for honing your skills and expanding your repertoire. Whether you’re seeking soulful ballads, lively dance tunes, or heartfelt anthems, this comprehensive music book has something to offer every musical taste.

Experience the beauty and allure of Arabic music with “Chadi Al Alhan” by Foad Awad—a timeless collection that will inspire and delight performers and listeners alike.

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