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Cymbal 1.0mm 16″

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  • 16″ Cymbal 1.0mm for Marching Band: High-quality and versatile cymbal.
  • Exceptional durability for demanding marching band performances.
  • 1.0mm thickness for a balance of durability and responsiveness.
  • Maximum projection for a cutting and powerful sound.
  • Bright and shimmering tones enhance the overall presence.
  • Specifically designed for marching band drummers.
  • Optimized size and weight for comfortable handling.
  • Responsive to various playing styles.
  • Produces consistent and balanced tones.
  • Reliable and versatile for different marching band performances.
  • Elevate your marching band performance with the 16″ Cymbal 1.0mm for Marching Band.

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Introducing the 16″ Cymbal 1.0mm for Marching Band – a high-quality and versatile cymbal designed specifically for marching band performances. These cymbals offer exceptional durability, projection, and tone, making them an ideal choice for drummers in marching bands of all levels.

The 16″ Cymbal 1.0mm is expertly crafted using high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting performance in demanding marching band environments. The 1.0mm thickness strikes a perfect balance between durability and responsiveness, allowing for powerful crashes and clean articulation.

Designed for maximum projection, these cymbals deliver a cutting and powerful sound that carries well over the ensemble. The bright and shimmering tones provide a captivating presence, enhancing the overall impact of the marching band’s performance.

The 16″ Cymbal 1.0mm is specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of marching band drummers. Its size and weight are optimized for marching band performances, providing comfortable handling and effortless control. The cymbal responds well to a variety of playing styles and produces consistent and balanced tones.

Whether you’re performing in a parade, on the field, or in a concert setting, the 16″ Cymbal 1.0mm for Marching Band is a reliable and versatile choice. It is built to withstand the demands of marching band performances and offers a perfect blend of durability, projection, and tone.

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Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 43 × 10 × 43 cm



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