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Hohner 9577 Plastic Three-Piece Alto Recorder

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The Hohner 9577 Plastic Three-Piece Alto Recorder is a top-notch beginner instrument perfect for children and young learners. Made with robust ABS plastic and featuring a comfortable thumb rest, this recorder is designed to withstand the daily rigors of school and make playing easy and enjoyable. With its Baroque (English) fingering system, it provides a great foundation for developing musical skills.

This recorder is also incredibly easy to maintain, as it can be simply rinsed clean with cold water. The “Melody Line” option offers a unique combination of a durable plastic head joint and a traditional pearwood body, making it ideal for new players.

In conclusion, the Hohner 9577 Plastic Three-Piece Alto Recorder is a fantastic choice for those just starting out on their musical journey, offering a combination of ease of use, durability, and great sound.

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The Hohner 9577 Plastic Three-Piece Alto Recorder is a premium musical instrument designed with decades of experience and skilled craftsmanship. HOHNER’s dedicated engineers and product managers are committed to continuously improving sound quality and playability, evident in both their plastic and wooden recorders. The beginner plastic models, including the Melody Line, are highly sought after in music education programs globally.

These recorders are specifically made for children and young beginners, with their robust construction and easy handling, making them ideal school instruments. Additionally, their three-piece ABS plastic design and ability to be rinsed clean in cold water add to their durability. The F-Alto Recorder also includes a thumb rest for Baroque (English) fingering and comes packaged in a durable vinyl pouch.

The Melody Line has been expanded to include hardwearing combi-recorders, featuring a stable plastic head-joint and traditional pearwood body. This combination is perfect for beginners, with its durable head construction. German and Baroque (English) fingering options are available, distinguishable by the size of the fourth and fifth holes, with German fingering making it easier to play the C major diatonic scale. The Baroque fingering may be a bit more challenging, but offers more precise half tone playability.

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Dimensions 32 × 10 × 6 cm

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