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Hohner HVM01 Violin Matt Natural Wood Size 4/4

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Introducing the Hohner 4/4 Full Size Violin, a masterpiece in Matt Natural Wood finish by the renowned Hohner brand. Meticulously crafted for superior quality, this violin boasts a rich and balanced tone ideal for various musical genres. Its full-size design caters to adult musicians, ensuring optimal playability. The elegant Matt Natural Wood finish adds a touch of classic charm. Complete with essential accessories, including a protective case and bow with rosin, the Hohner 4/4 Full Size Violin is the perfect choice for musicians seeking both tradition and innovation in their musical journey.


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Introducing the Hohner 4/4 Full Size Violin in a stunning Matt Natural Wood finish – where timeless elegance meets exceptional craftsmanship. Unleash your musical passion with this meticulously crafted instrument from the renowned Hohner brand, known for its dedication to quality and precision.


1. Superior Craftsmanship: The Hohner 4/4 Full Size Violin is a testament to the artistry and dedication of Hohner’s skilled craftsmen. Each detail, from the gracefully contoured body to the meticulously fitted components, reflects the commitment to delivering an instrument of unparalleled quality.

2. Elegant Matt Natural Wood Finish: The violin is adorned with a captivating Matt Natural Wood finish that not only enhances its visual appeal but also brings out the natural beauty of the wood grain. This sophisticated color adds a touch of classic charm to your musical performance.

3. Full Size (4/4): Designed for adult musicians and advanced students, the 4/4 size ensures optimal playability and resonance. Whether you’re a seasoned player or embarking on your musical journey, this full-size violin provides the comfort and responsiveness needed to express your musicality.

4. Rich and Balanced Tone: Experience a rich and balanced tone that resonates with warmth and clarity. The carefully selected materials and precise construction contribute to the instrument’s ability to produce a sonorous sound, making every note a pleasure to play and hear.

5. Versatile Application: From classical compositions to contemporary pieces, the Hohner 4/4 Full Size Violin is a versatile companion for musicians across genres. Its adaptability and expressive capabilities make it an ideal choice for both solo performances and ensemble settings.


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