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Kanoun Made By Mohammad Al Zann


  • Construction: The kanoun has a trapezoidal or rectangular-shaped body made of wood, typically walnut, beech, or maple. It has multiple strings stretched across the body, which are plucked or strummed.
  • Strings: The kanoun typically has between 60 to 80 strings, which are made of nylon or gut. The strings are arranged in courses or pairs, with each pair tuned to the same pitch. The strings are usually tuned using tuning pegs or screws.
  • Playing Technique: The kanoun is played by plucking the strings with the fingers or using plectra (small picks) attached to the fingertips. The player can produce melodic and harmonic notes by pressing the strings against the movable metal frets.
  • Sound and Range: The kanoun produces a rich, resonant sound with a wide range of tones. The strings are grouped into different courses, with the lower courses providing bass notes and the higher courses producing treble notes.
  • Musical Context: The kanoun is used in a variety of musical genres, including classical, folk, and traditional music. It is often featured in ensembles and orchestras, accompanying vocalists and other instruments such as the oud, violin, and percussion.

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The kanoun, also spelled qanun or kanun, is a traditional stringed instrument commonly found in Middle Eastern, North African, and Central Asian music. It belongs to the family of zithers and is considered a key instrument in the classical and folk music of these regions. The kanoun has a long history and cultural significance in the regions where it is played, and it continues to be an important instrument in both traditional and contemporary music.

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