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Kurschner Strings for Oud C-Arab-1 11 Strings F-A-D-G-C-F Made in Turkey


Explore the 2023 edition of Kürschner Strings for Arabic Oud, renowned for exceptional tone quality and precision. Crafted with premium carbon strings, this set reflects a legacy of string-making expertise since 1950. With medium tension and F– F / Do Do tuning, these strings offer a balanced and resonant sound. The updated package design for 2023 combines aesthetics with the brand’s commitment to quality. From Herbert Kürschner’s beginnings in gut string manufacturing to the innovations introduced by subsequent generations, including synthetic strings, Kürschner Strings epitomize a tradition of excellence. Today, Hannah and Jonas Kürschner continue the family legacy, ensuring each set maintains the brand’s dedication to quality and musical excellence. Elevate your Oud experience with Kürschner Strings.

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Introducing the latest 2023 edition of Kürschner Strings for Arabic Oud, where tradition meets innovation. Renowned worldwide for their exceptional tone quality, durability, and precision, these strings represent the legacy of a family dedicated to the art of string-making since 1950.

Crafted with expertise passed down through generations, this set features high-quality premium carbon strings (PVF) designed specifically for the Arabic Oud. The medium tension (Arab 1) and F – F / Do Do tuning ensure a balanced and resonant sound that captures the essence of the instrument.

Embrace the updated package design for 2023, reflecting Kürschner’s commitment to both aesthetics and quality. Founded by Herbert Kürschner in 1950, the company has evolved under the guidance of subsequent generations, with Bernd Kürschner expanding the range to introduce innovations like Luxline and Catline.

Collaborating closely with musicians and instrument makers, Kürschner Strings have continually evolved to achieve the best tonal characteristics. From gut strings to synthetic ones with nylon and fluorocarbon, Kürschner has pioneered advancements in string technology.

Today, Hannah and Jonas Kürschner carry on the family tradition, ensuring that each set of Kürschner Strings maintains the same dedication to quality that has defined the brand for over seven decades. Elevate your Oud playing experience with Kürschner Strings – a testament to heritage, craftsmanship, and musical excellence.


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