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Medeli DD325 Portable Digital Drums with Meshed Heads


The DD325 Digital Drum Set by Medeli is a versatile kit designed for drummers seeking a dynamic and customizable drumming experience. With a mix of mesh head and standard pads, it offers a wide range of sounds across 80 pre-set kits and 665 voices, including space for personalization. Compact yet feature-rich, it enables recording, MIDI connectivity, and various effects, promising both beginners and seasoned drummers a creative and expressive musical journey.

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Introducing the DD325 Digital Drum Set by Medeli, a versatile rhythmic powerhouse crafted to amplify your drumming experience. Boasting a blend of mesh head and standard pads, this kit features a dynamic layout of 4 x 5” pads (mesh head) and 4 x 3.5” pads, ensuring responsive and authentic beats.

Packed with a wide array of features, including a 3-digit LED display, this drum set offers an extensive range of sounds and customization. Explore 80 pre-set drum kits alongside 10 user-customizable kits, encompassing a total of 665 voices with space for 10 personalized ones, enabling rich and diverse soundscapes for your performances.

Capture your musical journey with 110 built-in songs and the capability to record up to 5 of your compositions, all within a compact frame measuring 618 x 383 x 130 mm and weighing a mere 3.38 kg, facilitating easy transport for musicians on the move.

Powered by DC12V, the DD325 Digital Drum Set offers various connection options, including USB-C (MIDI), headphone/output jack, and an aux-in jack, ensuring seamless integration with other devices. Fine-tune your sounds using the EQ panel and control options such as tempo adjustment (ranging from 40 to 240) and volume control.

This set isn’t just about playing – it’s about learning and enhancing your skills. Explore drum-off modes, record MIDI sequences, and access a range of effects via the EQ panel. Moreover, with features like hand percussion and sampler capabilities, you’ll have endless opportunities to add depth and creativity to your performances.

The DD325 Digital Drum Set isn’t just a drum kit; it’s a complete musical experience, providing an avenue for exploration, creativity, and expression for both beginners and seasoned drummers alike. Elevate your beats, dive into your rhythm, and discover a world of possibilities with this versatile and compact digital drum set from Medeli.

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