Medeli MK1 Nebula Series Mini Keyboard White Color

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The MK1 keyboard by Medeli is an excellent choice for young children to explore and develop their musical interests. With a variety of sound and rhythm options, a compact and portable design, and a range of different controls, the MK1 offers a fun and engaging musical experience for children of all ages.

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Introducing the MK1 keyboard by Medeli, the perfect package for little children to discover their musical interests and potential. With years of experience in providing educational musical gear, Medeli has designed the MK1 with all the right elements to offer a fun and engaging musical experience for young children.

The MK1 features a small-sized keyboard with 37 mini keys MMK, designed to make it easy for children to play and learn. The 3-digit LED display provides clear and concise feedback, making it easy to use for young children. With 100 different sound/voice options, the MK1 offers a variety of unique sounds from popular musical instruments to ethnic percussion hits and natural sounds. The 10 sound buttons with fun graphic icons are perfect for little children to explore and create their own music. Additionally, the built-in rhythm patterns expand children’s imagination and interest in music, with 100 different rhythm options to choose from.

The MK1 is compact and can be battery-powered, which makes it perfect for taking outside to play anywhere. It is also equipped with a 2-watt amplifier and a 1 x 8 cm speaker, providing excellent sound quality for young children. The MK1 is lightweight, weighing only 0.95 kg, making it easy for children to carry around.

The MK1 also offers a range of different controls to help children enhance their playing experience. It features 30 pre-set songs in the music library, with the option to turn the melody off for children to play along. The keyboard also includes a USB-C port and headphone jack (1 x 1/8″), providing children with the option to connect to external devices and play along with their favorite songs. The rhythm control allows children to start and stop the music, while the sync start feature ensures that the rhythm and music are perfectly aligned. The pitch adjustment feature includes transpose, octave, and tuning options, while the metronome helps children to keep the beat and maintain a consistent tempo. The sustain function is also included, giving children the ability to sustain notes for a longer period.

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