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MS Series Blues Harp Hohner Harmonica

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  • 10-hole diatonic -Great for 2nd-position note bending
  • Keys: G, A, and C
  • Reeds: 20
  • Reedplates: Brass; 0.9 mm
  • Wood comb
  • Length: 10 cm

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The Hohner 532 Blues Harp Pro Harmonica Pack includes 3 professional-grade MS Blues Harps in the popular keys of G, A, and C, saving you money while providing you with a range of harmonicas for playing the blues. These harmonicas are built to deliver a consistent volume and tone, perfect for intense blues playing, and can hold their own against even the toughest musicians in high-pressure gigs. With a wood comb and thinner reeds, the Blues Harp is highly bendable and produces a dirty, dark, hard-rocking sound, favored by musicians such as Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Lil’ Ronnie Owens of the Grand Dukes.

The harps come sealed in “blister packaging”, ensuring they have never been played or tampered with, and include useful information such as a key chart for crossharp or 2nd position, which is the default position for blues and rock ‘n’ roll, and additional items such as booklets on the history of the harmonica or mini catalogs of other Hohner harmonicas, accessories, and merchandise.

The MS-Series Hohner harmonicas, which stands for Modular System, are designed with an integrated concept that improves playing characteristics and facilitates maintenance and handling. The parts of these harmonicas (combs, reed plates, and covers) can be combined individually, and simple screw connections allow for easy assembly. This allows players to adjust the instruments to their individual requirements.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 22 × 13.5 × 4 cm

C, G, A


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