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NUX WK-300 Digital Piano – White Color

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  • The NUX WK-300 Digital Piano is a full-sized, 88-key digital piano with hammer action keys, giving it a realistic feel.
  • It has a maximum polyphony of 192 notes, allowing for complex and layered playing.
  • The piano features 20 voices, including grand piano, electric piano, organ, and strings, among others.
  • The built-in speakers produce a powerful and clear sound, and the piano also includes a headphone jack for quiet practice.
  • It has a built-in metronome and a range of effects, including reverb and chorus.
  • The piano can be split into two zones, allowing for different voices to be played with the left and right hands.
  • It also includes USB and MIDI connectivity, making it easy to connect to a computer or other devices for recording and playback.
  • The piano comes with a sustain pedal, music stand, and a matching bench.
  • The dimensions of the piano are 1360mm x 350mm x 820mm, and it weighs approximately 36.5kg.

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The NUX WK-300 Digital Piano is an 88-key keyboard with hammer-action keys that provide a realistic piano feel. It comes with 64-note polyphony, 20 demo songs, and 50 preset songs, as well as the ability to record and playback up to 5 user-created songs. The keyboard features 64 different voices, and has the capability to split or layer two voices simultaneously. It also has an integrated metronome and reverb effect, and a USB port for MIDI connectivity. The dimensions of the keyboard are 1350mm x 370mm x 135mm, and it weighs 20.5kg.

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Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 138 × 36 × 80 cm



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