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Orient ORTSML-M Tabla for Kids Less under 6 Years Old


Introducing the Orient Alam Al Ikaa Darbuka Small Size, designed for kids under 6. Smaller and lighter than standard darbukas, it offers an authentic musical experience in a manageable size. Available in various colors, it sparks creativity in young musicians. Ideal for introductory use, it’s a perfect starting point for children to explore percussion.

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Introducing the Orient Alam Al Ikaa Darbuka Small Size, specially designed for budding percussionists under the age of 6! Crafted with care, this smaller rendition of the classic darbuka drum is perfect for young hands to explore rhythm and music.

With a size tailored for tiny musicians, it’s smaller and lighter than the standard darbuka, ensuring ease of handling and play. Despite its diminutive stature, it packs a punch in sound, providing an authentic musical experience for youngsters.

Available in a vibrant array of colors, the Orient Alam Al Ikaa Darbuka Small Size allows kids to express their personality while they groove to the beat. Whether they’re tapping out simple rhythms or engaging in playful jam sessions, this instrument sparks creativity and musical discovery.

Please note that this product is designed for introductory use and may not meet professional standards. However, it serves as an excellent starting point for young children to explore the world of percussion in a fun and accessible way

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BK-Black, BL-Blue, GR-Green, RD-Red, Brown, Grey, Light Blue, Wine


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