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Orient TABLAS04BR Darbuka Tabla 8 Screws Brown Paint Color Standard Size


Experience the Orient TABLAS04BR Derbuka, a premium percussion instrument ideal for beginners and students. Crafted from durable aluminum with 8 screws for tunability, this Derbuka delivers authentic Middle Eastern rhythms. Its elegant brown paint finish adds visual appeal, perfect for musical exploration and performance. Elevate your rhythmic journey with the Orient TABLAS04BR Derbuka.

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Introducing the Orient TABLAS04BR Derbuka, meticulously crafted to bring the vibrant rhythms of the Middle East into your hands. Ideal for beginners and students alike, this percussion instrument promises an immersive musical journey.

Crafted with precision, the TABLAS04BR features a sturdy aluminum construction, ensuring durability without compromising on its resonant sound quality. Its 8 screws tunable design allows for effortless adjustments, empowering you to fine-tune your beats to perfection.

With a rich brown paint finish, this Derbuka exudes elegance and sophistication, making it a visual delight as well as an auditory one. Whether you’re exploring traditional rhythms or creating your own melodies, the Orient TABLAS04BR promises an authentic and immersive musical experience every time.

Elevate your musical expression and embark on a rhythmic adventure with the Orient TABLAS04BR Derbuka.

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