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PreSonus Eris 3.5BT 2nd Gen (Pair) Studio Monitors 3.5 inches

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Introducing the PreSonus® Eris® 3.5BT 2nd Gen (Pair), compact yet powerful studio monitors featuring Bluetooth wireless technology. Delivering clear and accurate sound, these monitors boast 25 watts per side of onboard power and a 3.5-inch woven-composite low-frequency transducer for tight bass response. The 1-inch silk-dome tweeter ensures refined high-frequencies with wide dispersion. With versatile connectivity options including Bluetooth® 5.0 and customizable sound adjustments, these monitors offer a seamless audio experience. Expand your setup with additional features like high- and low-frequency controls and protection features, and enjoy the convenience of included accessories for easy setup. Elevate your audio experience with the Eris® 3.5BT 2nd Gen monitors.

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Introducing the PreSonus® Eris® 3.5BT 2nd Gen (Pair), your ultimate solution for high-quality audio reference in a compact, stylish package. Designed to meet the demands of modern audio production, gaming setups, and multimedia consumption, these 3.5-inch media reference monitors with Bluetooth wireless technology are an upgrade to our best-selling studio monitors.

Powerful Sound Performance:

  • Each monitor boasts 25 watts of onboard power, ensuring a robust audio experience without compromising clarity.
  • The 3.5-inch woven-composite low-frequency transducer delivers tight bass response, complemented by cleaner overall sound.
  • Enhanced voicing ensures rich lows and smoother crossover transitions for accurate transient reproduction across the frequency range.

Crystal-Clear Highs and Wide Dispersion:

  • The 1-inch ultra-low-mass silk-dome tweeter produces refined high-frequencies with a wide sound dispersion pattern, offering an optimal listening experience over a large area.

Versatile Connectivity Options:

  • With four types of inputs, including stereo Bluetooth® 5.0 connectivity, these monitors effortlessly connect to various audio sources.
  • A front-panel knob allows convenient adjustment of the power amp and headphone amplifier levels, ensuring clear and loud audio output.

Customizable Sound:

  • High- and low-frequency acoustic tuning controls enable you to adjust the frequency response according to your space’s acoustics, ensuring accurate sonic reproduction.

Expandable Sound System:

  • Pair with an Eris Sub8 BT to create a perfectly matched 2.1 sound system, delivering enhanced low-end performance.


  • 80 Hz to 20 kHz frequency response for comprehensive audio reproduction.
  • 98 dB SPL (Peak, @ 1 meter) for dynamic sound output.
  • Protection features include RF interference, output-current limiting, over-temperature protection, turn-on/off transient, and subsonic filter.
  • Power Saver mode engages after 40 minutes of inactivity to conserve energy.
  • Includes speaker wire, ⅛-inch TRS to stereo RCA cable, and stereo ⅛-inch TRS to ⅛-inch TRS cable for hassle-free setup.

Upgrade your audio setup with the PreSonus® Eris® 3.5BT 2nd Gen monitors and experience studio-quality sound like never before. Whether you’re a professional producer, avid gamer, or multimedia enthusiast, these monitors will elevate your listening experience to new heights.

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