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Tambourine Jingles Tunable W/ Nylon 10″ Red Color

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  • Tunable Tambourine with Jingles in a vibrant red color.
  • 10″ size for a comfortable grip and ample playing surface.
  • Tunable design for adjusting the drumhead tension.
  • Jingles produce bright and shimmering sounds.
  • Durable nylon drumhead for excellent response and resonance.
  • Visually striking addition to your percussion setup.
  • Suitable for various musical genres and performances.
  • Elevate your music with the Tunable Tambourine with Jingles in a 10″ size and red color, offering versatility, vibrant sounds, and striking aesthetics.

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Introducing the Tunable Tambourine with Jingles, featuring a 10″ size and a vibrant red color. This tambourine is a versatile percussion instrument that brings rhythm and energy to your music.

The Tambourine with Jingles features a tunable design, allowing you to adjust the tension of the drumhead for your desired pitch and tone. This feature gives you control over the tambourine’s sound, making it adaptable to different musical contexts and styles.

Equipped with jingles, this tambourine produces bright and shimmering sounds that add a lively and dynamic element to your playing. The jingles enhance the rhythmic texture and provide a captivating sound experience.

Crafted with a durable nylon drumhead, the Tambourine with Jingles offers excellent response and resonance. It is built to withstand regular use, ensuring long-lasting performance and reliability.

The vibrant red color of the tambourine adds a visually striking element to your percussion setup. It stands out on stage and complements various musical genres and performances.

The 10″ size of the tambourine provides a comfortable grip and ample playing surface for expressive and versatile playing. It is suitable for both professional musicians and beginners, offering a rewarding playing experience.

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 38 × 10 × 34 cm



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