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Gregg Bennett

Used Gregg Bennett CNG-1CE/N Electro Classical Guitar


  • Electro classical guitar with built-in electronics
  • Natural finish for a classic and timeless appearance
  • Traditional classical guitar design
  • Offers the option to amplify the sound for live performances
  • Designed for musicians who want a blend of traditional and modern features
  • Suitable for various musical styles and genres
  • Provides rich and warm tones typical of classical guitars
  • Can be connected to an amplifier or sound system for enhanced projection
  • Great for both live performances and recording sessions

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The Gregg Bennett CNG-1CE/N is an electro classical guitar that combines the elegance of a classical guitar with modern electronics for amplified performances. It features a Natural finish that highlights the wood grain and gives it a classic look. The electro system allows you to easily connect to an amplifier or sound system for live performances or recording. The Gregg Bennett CNG-1CE/N Electro Classical Guitar combines the beautiful aesthetics of a classical guitar with the convenience of built-in electronics. Whether you’re performing on stage, recording in the studio, or practicing at home, this guitar delivers rich and warm tones that are characteristic of classical instruments. The Natural finish adds to its visual appeal, making it an excellent choice for musicians looking for a versatile and reliable electro classical guitar.


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