USED Stagg C-542 39 inch Classical Guitar NATURAL COLOR


The C542 V2 is a classical guitar that aims to offer a balance between affordability and quality. While it may not have the prestige of high-end models, it provides a platform for players to explore classical guitar music without breaking the bank. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced guitarist looking for a reliable practice instrument, the C542 V2 may be a suitable choice.

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Introducing the C542 V2: A Classical Guitar Designed for Affordability and Quality

The C542 V2 is the flagship model of the 542 series, a collection dedicated to providing affordable options for classical guitar enthusiasts. This guitar offers a range of features commonly found in standard classical guitars while maintaining an accessible price point.

Materials and Construction The body of the C542 V2 is constructed entirely from laminate basswood. Both the back and sides, as well as the soundboard, are made from thin basswood laminates. This choice of material results in a lightweight instrument that still produces pleasing tonal qualities.

Sound and Bracing The C542 V2 is designed to deliver a rich and resonant sound. It incorporates classical bracing on the inside to enhance its acoustic properties. A painted maple bridge contributes to the guitar’s projection, while a standard-sized sound hole ensures a balanced and pleasing sound output.

Playability For comfortable playability, the C542 V2 features a Nato neck attached at the 12th fret, which follows the standard classical guitar profile. The painted maple fingerboard adds both a touch of elegance and a smooth playing surface. With 19 classical frets, side dot inlays, and a flat radius, players can navigate the fingerboard with ease.

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