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Vic Firth

Vic Firth N7A


  • The Vic Firth Nova N7A drumsticks are an affordable option for drummers.
  • They are made from premium hickory wood, ensuring durability.
  • The medium taper provides a balanced feel in the hand, making it suitable for students and pro drummers alike.
  • They have a back-cut tip, which increases cymbal definition and provides a full sound.
  • Available in three colors: natural, black, and red.
  • They are lightweight and fast, making them suitable for genres such as jazz and rock.
  • The sticks are 16 inches long and have a diameter of .594 inches.

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The Vic Firth Nova N7A drumsticks are made of hickory wood and come in natural, black, or red colors. These drumsticks have a medium taper and oval shape, providing a balanced feel in the hand. The back-cut tip increases cymbal definition, and the lightweight design allows for faster playing while still providing a full sound. These affordable drumsticks are suitable for any drummer, from beginners to professionals, who want the quality of Vic Firth at an economical price. The sticks are 16 inches long with a diameter of .594 inches. This listing is for one pair of sticks.

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