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Yamaha CBR15 Passive Speaker 15 inches


The Yamaha CBR15 Passive Speaker is a versatile audio solution designed for outstanding front-of-house sound in live performances, DJ events, and installations. As part of the CBR Series, it incorporates innovative design and engineering excellence from Yamaha. The speaker features custom-designed transducers, a wide-dispersion horn for high-definition sound, and reliable performance at any output level with HF protection. Its rugged, portable design includes ergonomic handles and a sleek steel front grille. Simple connectivity options, versatility for different applications, rigging points for installations, and an optional functional speaker cover make the CBR15 a comprehensive and reliable choice for audio professionals.

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Yamaha CBR15 Passive Speaker: Exceptional Low-Frequency Performance

The Yamaha CBR15 stands out in its lineup by offering the lowest frequency response, making it an ideal choice for various applications such as live performances, DJ events, and installations requiring pronounced low and high SPL. This versatile speaker excels in delivering outstanding front-of-house sound.

Innovative Design and Engineering Excellence

The CBR Series represents Yamaha’s commitment to speaker design and acoustic technologies. Drawing on extensive knowledge, the engineering team focused on creating a high-power, high-definition sound in a portable and versatile design. The meticulous materials selection, customization of audio components, and innovative approach to speaker design make the CBR15 a standout choice for front-of-house, floor monitoring, or rigged configurations.

Custom Designed Transducers and Wide-Dispersion Horn for High-Definition Sound

Equipped with carefully selected and customized transducers, the CBR15 features a highly responsive woofer and a precise 2.5” compression driver. The wide-dispersion constant directivity horn ensures consistent high-definition sound with minimal distortion even at high output levels, offering a rectangular sound pattern that evenly disperses wide-frequency sound.

Reliable Performance at Any Output Level

The CBR15 comes with an HF protection function that limits excessive input to the HF unit, preventing damage from high output levels. Paired with a highly responsive LF unit, this ensures reliable and clear sound reproduction at any output level, providing worry-free operation.

Rugged, Portable Design

Built for durability and portability, the CBR15 features a compact and lightweight plastic cabinet with ergonomic handles for easy transport and setup. The sleek steel front grille not only protects vital components but also blends seamlessly with installation aesthetics.

Simple Connectivity for Convenience

Featuring one speakON jack and one 1/4″ Phone jack, the CBR15 ensures fast and easy connectivity in both personal and professional environments, catering to various setups and configurations.

Versatility for Different Applications

The optimized 50° wedge angle makes the CBR15 suitable for floor monitoring, offering a larger and more defined sweet spot. Additionally, M8 rigging points allow for rigged applications with optional speaker brackets or standardized eye-bolts.

Functional Speaker Cover for Added Protection

While the functional speaker cover is not included, Yamaha offers a newly designed cover that protects the CBR15 from unfavorable weather conditions during outdoor performances, storage in dusty environments, or the rigors of transportation on the road.

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