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Yamaha CS755 Boom Stand Light Weight


The Yamaha Cymbal Boom Stand CS755 offers reliable cymbal support with precision and durability. Its versatile design includes a 17-inch boom arm with a vertical tilter for easy angle adjustments. With single-braced legs and intuitive adjustment options, it provides stability and functionality for gigging and studio use. Featuring a height range of 91 to 172 centimeters, it suits various playing preferences. Elevate your drumming experience with the CS755 – Product ID JCS755.

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Introducing the Yamaha Cymbal Boom Stand CS755, your go-to solution for reliable cymbal support during performances and practice sessions. Crafted with precision and durability in mind, this medium-weighted stand combines functionality with ease of use. Designed for versatility, the CS755 features a short 17-inch boom arm with a vertical tilter, allowing you to adjust your cymbals to your desired angle with ease and precision.

The single-braced legs provide stability without adding unnecessary bulk, making it perfect for gigging musicians and studio environments alike. With its center tilter and placing type boom tilter mechanism, the CS755 offers intuitive adjustment options, ensuring you can position your cymbals exactly where you need them. The inclusion of big rubber feet further enhances stability while protecting your flooring surfaces.

Standing at a height range of 91 to 172 centimeters, this stand caters to a variety of playing preferences and setups. Its sleek design and efficient architecture make it an ideal choice for drummers seeking reliability and performance. Experience the difference with the Yamaha Cymbal Boom Stand CS755 – Product ID JCS755. Order yours today and elevate your drumming experience to new heights.

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