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Yamaha DTX432K Electric Drum Set


Introducing the Yamaha DTX432K Electric Drumkit, a fusion of Yamaha quality and advanced technology at an affordable price point. Powered by the DTX402 module, it offers 287 professional acoustic drum and percussion sounds with dynamic expression. Practice with interactive training functions and customize kits to match your style. The kit includes oversized cymbals and redesigned pads for enhanced playability and durability. Additional features include a silent kick unit for quiet playing, adjustable rack, and compatibility with free iOS apps for further customization and learning. Ideal for both beginners and experienced drummers, the DTX432K promises a superior drumming experience with Yamaha reliability.

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Introducing the Yamaha DTX432K Electric Drumkit, a revolutionary blend of Yamaha quality and cutting-edge technology at an unmatched level of affordability. Powered by the DTX402 module, this kit boasts 287 professional acoustic drum and percussion sounds, featuring Accent Articulation for unparalleled dynamic expression.

With the DTX432K, you can play along to 10 songs and customize 10 kits to match your style. Practice becomes engaging and effective with interactive training functions, complete with Voice Guidance. The oversized 10″ ride, hi-hat, and crash cymbals, along with redesigned drum pads, offer enhanced playability, authenticity, and durability.

Hardware-wise, the DTX432K includes a Yamaha FP6110 belt-drive bass drum pedal and a KP65 kick pad for an authentic kick drum feel. The remote HH65 hi-hat controller pedal enables “half-open” hi-hat sounds, typically found on higher-priced kits. The steel, 4-legged rack provides a solid framework for your playing experience.

Enhancing user-friendliness, the free DTX402touch iOS & Android app allows for easy operation of training and editing functions on your smart device. Furthermore, compatibility with the free ResCare iOS app enables practice, recording, and sharing of your performance.

Additionally, the DTX400K features 10 drum training exercises to improve timing, accuracy, and endurance. The inclusion of the KU100 Silent Kick Unit ensures a quiet playing experience, making it ideal for apartment dwellers.

Key Specs:

  • 10 Drum Kits and 10 Play-along Songs
  • 10 Drum Lessons
  • Customize all Kits
  • Free iOS Support
  • Upgradeable and Expandable
  • Durable Steel Rack

The DTX400 trigger module features custom-shaped buttons with LED lights for intuitive navigation. Mute the drum track and jam along with built-in songs to hone your skills before live performances. Large 10-inch cymbal pads provide comfort and feel, with adjustable height and angle settings to accommodate any player.

As a bonus, receive 25 free MIDI songs by entering your DTX serial number during the promotion period. Elevate your drumming experience with the free DTX apps, including DTX Drum Lessons, DTX400 Touch, Song Beats, and MusicSoft Manager iOS apps. With the Yamaha DTX432K Electric Drumkit, unleash your musical potential and keep on playing.


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