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Yamaha MG10XU 10-Channel Analog Mixer


The Yamaha MG10XU is a 10-channel Analog Mixer designed for exceptional sound quality and versatility. Featuring D-PRE discrete Class-A mic preamps, USB connectivity, and a range of onboard digital effects, this compact mixer is perfect for solo performers, small bands, and content creators. The D-PRE preamps deliver clean and natural sound, eliminating the need for extensive EQ adjustments. With 3-band EQ, 1-knob compressors, and SPX effect processors, the MG10XU offers precise sound shaping and dynamics control. Built-in pads on each input and a durable metal chassis make it versatile and reliable for any live or studio environment. Yamaha’s legacy of audio excellence is evident in the MG10XU’s cutting-edge features and outstanding performance.

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Introducing the Yamaha MG10XU 10-channel Analog Mixer – a compact powerhouse designed for those who demand exceptional sound quality and versatility in their audio setup. Whether you’re a solo performer, a small band, or a content creator, the MG10XU is the perfect companion for achieving professional-grade audio.

At the heart of this analog mixer are the D-PRE discrete Class-A mic preamps, delivering clean, transparent, and natural sound reproduction. Say goodbye to thin and distorted preamps – the D-PREs provide greater power with lower impedance, ensuring your bass remains natural while your highs stay crystal clear. With the MG10XU, you can trust that your mix will sound good straight out of the box, eliminating the need for extensive EQ adjustments.

The MG10XU stands out with its USB connectivity, seamlessly integrating into DAW-based workflows for recording and playback with computers and tablets. Take advantage of the 3-band EQ on all mono channels to shape your sound instantly, and the 1-knob compressors for straightforward dynamics control, making the mixing process a breeze.

What sets the MG10XU apart is its onboard digital effects powered by SPX processors, offering a comprehensive suite of 24 effects. Polish your audio with precision, from enhancing the natural-sounding bass to smoothing out the highs – the MG10XU ensures your mix is nothing short of perfection.

Versatility is key, and the MG10XU is equipped with built-in pads on each mono input, making it easy to manage loud sources without compromising your sound quality. The durable metal chassis ensures the mixer can withstand years of use onstage, making it a reliable choice for any musician or content creator.

Experience the difference with Yamaha’s MG10XU – where cutting-edge features meet outstanding sound quality, all packed into a compact and portable design. Let this analog mixer take your audio production to new heights, backed by Yamaha’s legacy of excellence in audio technology.

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