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Yamaha PSR-A350 Oriental Keyboard 61 keys


The Yamaha PSR-A350 is a powerful entertainment keyboard with a 61-key touch response keyboard, offering realistic Oriental content and upgraded features. With improved sampling, it delivers a powerful and realistic sound. Explore a wide range of high-quality Voices, Styles, and Arpeggiators, including authentic Oriental content. The keyboard features scale setting buttons, a pitch bend wheel, USB to Host connectivity, and 10 user banks for Styles. The audio AUX IN and Melody Suppressor function enhance play-along experiences. Adjust the sound with the Master EQ and enjoy useful learning and practice functions, including Yamaha Education Suite lessons. With 9 Registration Memories, effortlessly switch between settings for a seamless playing experience.

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Powerful, Realistic Sound and Latest Features:

Experience a leap in audio quality with the Yamaha PSR-A350, a standard entertainment keyboard packed with realistic Oriental content. The 61-key touch response keyboard, Scale Setting buttons, and various upgraded features make this instrument a powerful choice for musicians seeking an authentic and dynamic sound.

Wide Variety of Voices, Styles, and Arpeggiators:

The PSR-A350 boasts a rich selection of high-quality Voices, Styles, and Arpeggiators, including realistic Oriental content inherited from high-end models like the renowned PSR-A2000/3000. Dive into a world of Arabic, Maghreb, Khaligi, Iranian, Turkish, and Greek content, with a total of 613 instrument Voices, 45 Oriental Voices, and 19 Oriental Drum Kits. Explore 210 accompaniment Styles, including 115 Oriental Styles and 150 Arpeggiators (including 5 Oriental).

Scale Setting Buttons with Memory Banks & Pitch Bend Wheel:

Customize your scale tuning with ease using the scale setting buttons, adjusting each of the 12 scale steps. The scale tune memory function allows you to store and recall four of your custom scales instantly. Real-time pitch control is at your fingertips with the pitch bend wheel, adding a realistic expression to your playing.

USB to Host & 10 User Banks for Styles:

Connect seamlessly to your PC via the USB to Host terminal for data transfer. With 10 Style user banks, you can store and use external Styles. Additionally, enhance your experience by connecting an iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad for a new dimension of MIDI control with compatible apps.

Audio AUX IN & Melody Suppressor Function:

Play along with your favorite songs by connecting an external audio player to the AUX IN jack. The Melody Suppressor function lowers vocals and melody lines in original recordings, providing an open space for your playing. Depending on the song, the volume of the melody part may not be affected.

Master EQ for Sound Adjustment:

Fine-tune your keyboard sound with the preset Master EQ, offering settings such as Bright and Boost. Achieve the perfect sound that suits your preferences.

Useful Functions for Learning and Practice:

Enhance your practice sessions with the 5 song/2 track recorder, facilitating efficient learning. Duo mode allows two people to play together on identical keyboard sections, perfect for live performances or lessons. The Yamaha Education Suite lesson functions, featuring nine stages for each hand, make practicing enjoyable, with scoring and waiting functions to aid in skill development.

9 Registration Memories:

Save and instantly recall panel settings with the Registration Memory, providing nine convenient snapshot locations. Effortlessly switch between configurations with a single button press, streamlining your playing experience.

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