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Yamaha PSR-E360MA Yamaha Digital Keyboard Arranger 61 Keys Touch Responsive

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The Yamaha PSR-E360MA Digital Keyboard Arranger is a touch-responsive, compact, and lightweight keyboard designed for expressive musical performances. With touch-sensitive keys, AWM Stereo Sampling technology, and 130 preset accompaniment styles, it delivers high-quality sound and versatility. The keyboard features a clear LCD display, various connectivity options, 2.5 W + 2.5 W amplifiers, and an auto power-off function for energy efficiency. With included accessories like a music rest, this Yamaha keyboard offers a seamless blend of innovation and inspiration for musicians of all levels.

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🎹 Yamaha PSR-E360MA Digital Keyboard Arranger – Unlock the Symphony Within! 🎹

Discover the power of musical expression with the Yamaha PSR-E360MA, a touch-responsive digital keyboard that transcends traditional boundaries. Crafted with precision and loaded with innovative features, this keyboard is your gateway to a world of immersive sound and dynamic playability.

🌟 Key Features:

Touch-Sensitive Keys: Immerse yourself in the art of musical expression with touch-sensitive keys. Play with intensity, and the keyboard responds with louder tones; play softly, and enjoy subtle, quieter sounds. The touch-sensitive keyboard accurately mirrors every nuance of your playing, making each performance a truly emotive experience.

Premium Sound Quality: Yamaha, with its rich history in crafting musical instruments, brings unparalleled sound quality to the PSR-E360MA. The keyboard features AWM Stereo Sampling technology, ensuring detailed and high-quality reproduction of a vast array of instruments. Let the captivating sounds inspire your musical journey.

Compact and Lightweight: The PSR-E360MA is designed for convenience without compromising on performance. With a width of 940mm and weighing only 4.0 kg (8 lb, 13 oz), it’s easily portable, making it an ideal companion for musicians on the go.

Versatile Functions:

  • Accompaniment Styles: Choose from 130 preset styles with multi-finger fingering options. Control accompaniment with ACMP ON/OFF, SYNC START, START/STOP, INTRO/ENDING/rit, MAIN/AUTO FILL functions.
  • One Touch Setting (OTS): Instantly access a variety of settings with the touch of a button.
  • Lesson/Guide: Learn and enhance your skills with features like LISTEN & LEARN, TIMING, WAITING, A-B REPEAT, CHORD DICTIONARY.

LCD Display: The clear LCD display provides easy navigation and access to various functions, enhancing your overall playing experience.

Connectivity Options:

  • DC IN for power supply
  • Standard stereo phone jack for headphones
  • Sustain pedal input
  • Stereo mini jack for AUX IN

Amplifiers and Speakers: Experience the rich sound produced by 2.5 W + 2.5 W amplifiers and 12 cm x 2 speakers.

Power Supply Options:

  • Use the included AC Adaptor (PA-130, PA-3C) or any equivalent recommended by Yamaha.
  • Alternatively, power the keyboard with six 1.5 V “AA” size alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

Auto Power Off Function: Save energy with the auto power-off function, ensuring efficiency and environmental consciousness.

Included Accessories: The package comes complete with a music rest, adding to the convenience and immediate usability of the Yamaha PSR-E360MA.

🎶 Elevate your musical experience with the Yamaha PSR-E360MA – where innovation meets inspiration! 🌈

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